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We make building your dream pool simple and enjoyable

Our streamlined process gets you swimming faster

Why Aqua Classics?

Aqua Classics delivers the inground pool of your dreams through our streamlined 3-step buying process, making building a pool in Florida quicker and easier than ever. We achieve this by offering standard, timeless, pool designs, and a curated collection of our most popular options to simplify the buying and selection process.

Best of all your pool is designed and built by Pools by John Clarkson, a leading Jacksonville pool builder. You can expect the same exceptional quality in construction, attention to detail, and customer service that has created over 3,000 happy pool owners in North Florida during our 30 years in business.

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Why Pools by John Clarkson?

An Industry Leader

Pools by John Clarkson has been a leading pool contractor in Jacksonville, FL for over 30-years with over 3,000 pools installed.

Quality at Every Step

Along with quality construction, we offer a commitment to aesthetic functionality and high-quality materials.

Reliable Customer Care

Our Customer Care team is standing by to provide a dedicated channel for project coordination and communication from dig to dive.

Streamlined Material Options

We offer a curated selection of our most popular material choices that are readily available in the market or stocked by Pools by John Clarkson ensures the required materials are ready when we need them.

Standardized Designs and Options

Want to add a pool sun shelf or waterfall? No problem! We’ve simplified our most popular pool designs and features which allows us to produce construction plans and release for permitting faster. Eliminating custom complexities allows us to build your pool quicker.